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This is where is all started…

I spent years eating ramen, some good, some bad, but mostly ramen that was just ok. Ramen kept me me from going hungry but there was something missing; something satisfying.  So, I started trying to make ramen that was more hearty , more filling. I added peanut butter and honey to one recipe and eggs and bacon to another. I had some good times with ramen. Over the years I settled on a recipe that I made one night. It’s hearty and filling and, most importantly, it can be adapted into almost any preference. Today, let’s make Kevin’s Famous Ramen!

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“Improved” Box Mac n’ Cheese

Today we are going to look at a quick and easy way to improve box Mac n’ Cheese. It’s simple, just add cheese…

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OPINION: Nutritional Value vs. Quantity

My opinion on buying food. My analytical approach to nutritional value of more expensive food versus buying lower cost food but are less beneficial to me…